I feel immense satisfaction in developing Muzaffarpur Homoeopathic Medical College Hospital, Raghunath Pandey Nagar, Rohua Aapuchh, M.I.C. Beal, Muzaffarpur which is sponsored by Vikash Seva Sansthan, Muzaffarpur. My imagination forece me to provide the people of Muzaffarpur and villagers residing all around the college, a cost effective and efficacious medicine so that the deproved may be encouraged to avail medical facilities available in the O.P.D. and I.P.D.service and further development is going on.

Qualified and able teachers, sincere staffs and other machineries have been employed to help the other machineries have been employed to help the poor helpless mass or community.
The college is a permanently affiliated unit of B.R.A., Bihar University, Muzaffarpur and recognised by the Govt. of India Deptt. of AYUSH, NEW Delhi. Institution into a kind of its own in the state and beyond.
I wish that the college may achieve the highest peak of its glory within a very short time.
I thank DR. A. K. Sharma, Principal of the college, Teachers and Staff for their dedicated work.